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Stagg Barber Co., Reading Barber Shop, Stagg


It all started with Dwane Moyer having a dream, a vision, an idea, and a motto of “Dedicated to The Classics”.

To have the best old school barbershop for the modern Gentleman. Staying true to the craft and artistic look of the classic styles that never have gone out of style, and never will. So in 2014, Dwane  went from having a dream, a vision and an idea to acquiring the barbershop of 64 years. After a year of mentoring under the previous owner, Dwane opened Stagg officially on June 15th 2015.


Stagg stands for Sophisticated Tonsorial Aesthetic Gentlemen’s Grooming. Dwane and his crew know that once you step through the doors of Stagg, your hair follicles won’t let you go anywhere else. So come get that style, shave, and product that is unique and only

“ Dedicated to The Classics”

-Dwane Moyer, Founder and Owner



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